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10 Movie Locations You Can Actually Visit

It's silly, but we will go out of our way to find movie locations in whatever town we're in. If you've ever been to New York, you've definitely tried to find specific places in Central Park or the Seinfeld Deli! Here are 10 movie locations that you can actually visit.

1. Alcatraz ("The Rock", "Escape from Alcatraz")

It's worth it to pay for the tour and get the headphones. You can hear stories from former inmates and guards. Plus the ferry ride over is fun! Book ahead of time here!

2. Art Museum Steps in Phili ("Rocky")

Not gonna lie, Jon has been wanting to run up these steps for IG for years!

3. THE Baseball Diamond ("Field of Dreams")

Yes, you can go to the "Sandlot" baseball diamond in Utah, but THE baseball diamond is just 25 miles outside of Dubuque, Iowa. The farm even offers tours of the field!

4. Cabazon Dinosaurs ("Pee Wees Big Adventure")

One of the stranger places and an oldie, but still cool! You can tour the area which features over 50 dinosaurs! Yes, there is one that you can climb into.

5. Christ Church Cathedral ("Harry Potter")

Hogwarts is real! At least, the exterior shots of Hogwarts are. There are so many cool "Harry Potter" tours in England!

6. Cherry Tree Inn ("Groundhog Day")

We're only going if the alarm clock plays "I've Got You Babe" every morning! This Victorian bed and breakfast actually still serves B&B. Although beware- it's nowhere near Punxsutawney, PA.

7. Fox Plaza ("Die Hard")

Jenn barely knew of "Die Hard" until we watched "Brooklyn 99". And we grew up in Los Angeles (well...Long Beach). But if you want a pic out in front of Nakatomi Plaza, make sure to search for the Fox Plaza. That's it's real name!

8. Katz's Delicatessen ("When Harry Met Sally")

A place where we've been! Not only is it a famous spot, but the food is great as well. Make sure to buy a "Send a Salami to a Soldier" shirt while you're there. They do have a sign in the restaurant pointing to the exact seat where the movie was filmed.

9. The Hitching Post II ("Sideways")

I mean, we are a podcast that drinks wine! Of course we're going to bring up "Sideways". The Hitching Post is not only Miles favorite place in the movie, but it's an actual restaurant! Just make sure while you are here to not order Merlot.

10. Timberline Lodge ("The Shining")

6,000 feet over Mount Hood is where the Timberline Lodge sits. It's the exterior for the Overlook Hotel from Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining". If you're planning on staying the night, just don't book room 237.

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