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A New Book to Check Out!

Thanks to our latest sponsor, "Crazy is as Crazy Does" by John H Mudgett.

If you are intrigued by notorious serial killers such as Ted Bundy, Aileen Wuornos, or the Zodiac Killer, and you enjoy unscrupulous graphic details, then this twisted tale of horror is for you!

John Goodman evolves from a timid and disorganized criminal into a powerful mastermind of deception and intimidation. He is fictional with many dark sides and whose circumstances revolve around factual persons and events. This Historical Fiction begins in 1955 and ends shortly after the capture of the "Golden State Killer" in 2018. You will be taken on a 75-year-old killer’s journey through life. Can you separate the falsehood from the facts?

The real horror is not the murderous activities that are described within these pages. No, the pure terror will come from the transformation of certain characters leading to a suspenseful and climactic ending.

Actual characters with fictitious sounding names included in this book are: "The Killer Clown," “Officer Roseland,” “Co-ed killer,” “Texas Tower Sniper,” “Damsel of Death,” “Zodiac Killer,” and “The Lizard King.”

After reading this concise novella one might conclude that John is factual.

Find the book now on Amazon or Barnes and Noble!

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