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Crossing Trips Off Your 'Bucket List'

Now that the pandemic is looking like it's over, we're looking to get back to travel! The two of us have been all over the travel websites (Costco, Amex, TripAdvisor, etc) looking for our next vacation. It looks like we're not alone! 59% of people say they plan to jump back into travel with a "bucket list" vacation they wouldn't have considered before the pandemic.

PRNewswire says that we're ready to go everywhere and anywhere!

Some of the specific landmarks people are searching for include: The Grand Canyon . . . the Eiffel Tower . . . Niagara Falls . . . the Statue of Liberty . . . the Colosseum in Rome . . . and the Las Vegas Strip.

In general, Rome was #1 on people's wish lists for international travel, followed by Paris . . . London . . . Venice, Italy . . . and Sydney, Australia.

Honolulu was the #1 destination in the U.S., followed by New York City . . . Las Vegas . . . L.A. . . . and Miami.

Speaking of Paris, we found this old photo in our basement of our first trip to Paris together! We weren't even 21 at the time. This was the trip that gave us our travel bug. Look- Jon has hair!!!

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