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Drink Healthy in 2022

Thanks to our new sponsor, Hydronique Hydration.

Started in the midst of the pandemic, the founder of HYDRONIQUE HYDRATION, a frontline healthcare worker, started developing constant headaches.

A landmark research study published early during the pandemic, showed that up to 81% of frontline healthcare workers developed new headaches, mainly because of their PPE (personal protective equipment, like facemasks and faceshields), which prevented them from eating and drinking properly while on the job. He would leave work tired, dehydrated, and burnt out.

The founder looked for a healthy drink with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, but with no sugar -- something that was KETO-friendly and healthy. But most powdered drinks on the market have a ton of sugar and caffeine.

That's why he created Hydronique Hydration: Sugar-Free, Keto-friendly, Plant-based, Antioxidant-rich, electrolyte powder packets, for daily use, containing all the essential vitamins and minerals, with a refreshing taste. Their product contains Elderberry, which has immune-boosting properties for support during cold and flu season.

Hydronique Hydration electrolyte powder packets can also fit in your bag or suitcase when traveling. Remember traveling?

So if you have are having trouble with eating and drinking healthy during your busy day in 2022, but want a sugar-free keto-friendly vitamin drink, give Hydronique Hydration a try. There are 30 electrolyte powder packets in a pouch, perfect for a one-month supply.

You can visit the website:

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