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Have You Heard of Donut?

Thanks to our latest podcast sponsor, The Donut!

What’s the most precious resource in the world? Your time.

So why would you spend it on the news?

The DONUT, or Dose of News Useful Today, is a news brand and even THEY think the news sucks. It’s boring, dry, and negative – oh so negative. It’s near impossible to read and not think humanity’s doomed.

Sure, being informed is important and all – but is it really worth all this mental anguish and frustration?

That’s where The DONUT comes in: They turn this time-consuming, anxiety-ridden chore into a quick, guilty pleasure that ensures you’ll never be the boring one in a conversation. Their goal is to make the news quick, engaging, and easy to understand – and did I mention it’s all 100% free?

They set out to design a better, faster, more fun way to stay up-to-date on the world’s happenings – one that makes you feel smarter, happier, and more hopeful about the future after you do.

Fast, fun, and 100% free news awaits… Subscribe for free today at

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