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Here Are the Most Fun States in the America

It's Road Trip time! Looking to travel this summer across the US but don't know where to go? just ranked all 50 states from the "most fun" places to visit to the least fun.

The rankings are based on 26 different categories, including the weather . . . the number of attractions, fairs, state parks, amusement parks, and fitness centers . . . and the quality of the beaches, scenery, and restaurants and bars.

The 10 most fun states are

1. California (we're from California, so we'd have to agree. There are so many things to do!)

2. Florida (considering we have traveled to Florida twice in the past two's Top 5 for us too)

3. Nevada (there are some great towns outside of Vegas to stay in!)

4. New York (we are excited the NYC is opening back up! It's been too long since we've walked Central Park)

5. Illinois (Before kids, Chicago was a constant destination. Of course, at the time, we lived in Kansas, so the flight was quicker)

6. Colorado (be on the look out for our upcoming Denver podcast)

7. Washington (we have family in Washington and travel here a few times a year. The Pacific North West is beautiful)

8. Texas (Jenn has been to this state more than Jon, but that's because her best friend lives here. We have an Austin. TX podcast slated for Season 2!)

9. Minnesota (As a kid, it was all about the "Mall of America".)

10. Pennsylvania. (hmmm....still haven't been)

The 10 least fun are:

1. West Virginia

2. Mississippi

3. Delaware

4. Arkansas

5. Rhode Island

6. Vermont

7. Alabama

8. Connecticut

9. Kentucky

10. Kansas.

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