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Maui- Don‘t Snorkel with Fish Food in Your Pockets

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Have you ever been to Maui? If not, trust us when we tell you that EVERYONE will tell you to stop at Costco right after your flight. They're right! It'll help keep costs down.

Jenn tells a hilarious story about snorkeling with fish food in her pocket. Should you do The Road to Hana? What about the Old Lahina Luau? Yes! If you've never been before. But those are more "one and done" kind of events. For your next trip, Haleakala National Park is a must. If you're up for a hike, Waihe’e Ridge Trail is breathtaking. Both will take you above the clouds.

There is a debate on which side of the island to stary on. It really depends on what you're looking for in your vacation. It doesn't matter where you pick, you'll feel relaxed the moment you get off the plane. Unless you're Jon who wears seven layers on the plane and then sweats until he reaches the resort.

Transcript from our podcast:


Jon: Is it weird that I sing our intro? I feel like you <laugh> welcome to Our Savings Starts Tomorrow. My name is Jon, my wife, Jen sitting across from me at our kitchen table, as we just are with you are trips and our tips and all the mishaps in between. And today it's gonna be all about Maui.

Jen: I wanna go there right now.

Jon: Which just seems to be like the vacation destination, like there's something.

Jen: Hasn't, it always been?

Jon: That's what I mean, like, it just is like one of those ready eddies, like get over there. The moment you walk off the plane, there's a different smell.

Jen: A different vibe.

Jon: Yeah. The temp is always perfect. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and I'll tell you, I like to travel with seven layers of clothes on because I'm ready for any type of emergency mm-hmm <affirmative> at all times I got my running shoes. I got my cargo pants --

Jen: Long sleeve shirt.

Jon: --Long sleeve shirt. Yeah, my hat. And you walk off, you know, the plane and it's so sticky and hot. And it is not comfortable[inaudible01:05]. I really need to find like a change of clothes... change in my seat like during the landing.

Jen: Yeah, that would be smart. But instead, you're just sweating next to me.

Jon: Every single time.

Jen: Yep.

Jon: We have so much to tell you about Maui, but first we have a brand-new sponsor.

Jen: We do?

Jon: Thank you too Obvi. Obvi Collagen Burn Fat Burning Capsules. So that's collagen. What is Collagen?

Jen: It helps your skin glow; your hair and nails grow. you need this, you want this.

Jon: And as you get older, like you start needing to take collagen, correct?

Jen: Yeah. it makes your skin like more supple.

Jon: Ah, that's why your skin looks so good, it's the--

Jen: Right.

Jon: The collagen fat burner capsules from Obvi

Jen: Wait, it's also burning fat.

Jon: That's the thing about these?

Jen: What?

Jon: Yes.

Jen: What?

Jon: I know. So, you're getting the whole collagen that you already do, right?

Jen: Yes.

Jon: Your skin looks amazing.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: And your hair looks great. Well, now they also added in burn, which is what actually these ingredients that helps you burn away pounds while feeling great.

Jen: uh sign Me up.

Jon: I know. So, it's, it's a twofer.

Jen: Why wouldn't, why wouldn't everybody dig this?

Jon: <Laugh> well, over 25 million times in less than two years, people like us have used the product to feel something we all want, which is just better and healthier. And you too can go to try and get yourself some of that collagen, the collagenic fat burner capsules. All right. Maui. If you ever ask anyone about, oh, have you been to Maui? And they tell you yes. Right after they tell you yes. Every single person will tell, tell you the exact same thing.

Jen: Oh my God. Okay. Here's the secret.

Jon: This is only something my I family does.

Jen: Yes. Only. Yeah. No one else does it.

Jon: No one else does it.

Jen: So, I'm gonna give you a trade secret. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

Jon: Oh, oh, well, what is it? What is this amazing trade secret that no one else does? <Laugh>

Jen: You're gonna get yourself your car. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> after you land, get in your car, then you're gonna go directly to Costco.

Jon: It's right there. Next to the airport.

Jen: Its right there. Uhhuh. You're gonna stock up on all your food, snacks, and booze.

Jon: Yes.

Jen: And then you're gonna take it to wherever you're staying, because boom.

Jon: This is so expensive in Maui.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: Couple things. It is a great idea.

Jen: It is. But everyone does <laugh>

Jon: And it's great. It's just, we don't need to act like it's your own family secret thing. I got bad news

Jen: . Everyone does it.

Jon: Everyone does it. Yeah. And it is it's right next to the airport. It's very easy to get to. And if you have never been, and you've never heard this before, this is actually travel tip number one from our show. <Laugh> go to the Costco next to the airport.

Jen: Yes. Also, it's a great place to fill up your car. If you do have a rental car before going to the airport.

Jon: Or let's say you have a late flight and you've been at the beach all day. And so, you're still wearing your trunks and a shirt and little Sandy. You can just change in the Costco parking lot into your flight clothes.

Jen: Yeah. And I mean, just, just a little bit of people will look at you weird.

Jon: Oh yeah, that one security guard drove by slowly a few times. I think he was just trying to catch a peep. <Laugh> he was gonna call 911 or anything. There’re so many great hotels. You really can't go wrong with anywhere you stay in, Maui. But the last time I think was probably our favorite place.

Jen: I know it's like, you know, talking about like, oh, the age of your child, like, oh, I love this age.

Jon: Yes.

Jen: It's like, I love this place that we stayed at Maui; no, I loved this place. We stayed at mat and that's how I feel about this time.

Jon: Yeah. Yeah. No matter where you're at, you're gonna love.

Jen: It's just amazing.

Jon: But we stayed at the Fairmont.

Jen: Oh, it was so beautiful. It was in Wailea.

Jon: Yes.

Jen: And so, we've never been on the Wailea side of Maui. Maui's really separated into, it is more than two parts, but I think tourist wise, we could say it's kind of separated to two parts.

Jon: Yes.

Jen: The Kāʻanapali mm-hmm <affirmative> and then the Wailea side, the Kāʻanapali side is like, Maui's most popular strip. There’re all these beaches, it's on the islands Northwest coast. And you can surf, you can sun bath. That's where you have to go. If you want, like on a catamaran that's all happening in Kāʻanapali.

Jen: Yep. The big mall situation is being there.

Jon: The Wailea side is... It's quieter.

Jen: It's definitely quieter. It's a little bit more... I, I feel like it was a little bit ritzier.

Jon: It's more expensive.

Jen: I mean, I've never seen so many, like Bentley's and other just ridiculous cars driving around

Jon: And we're at the Fairmont next to the Fairmont was the Grand Wailea, which is like where Adam Sandler has done all of his Hawaii movies at, and that's where we really want to see.

Jen: And the four seasons

Jon: And the four seasons next to there, the four seasons where the white Lotus on HBO was filmed. So, I mean,

Jen: And right above, below, I think it's below is where like a bunch of celebrities, own homes.

Jon: Oprah's place is right there. Yeah. So, David Bowie's place when he was alive is right there. That's all in the Wailea area. And there's actually a private beach that you can kind of walk to. That's just past the Fairmont that I know, like celebrities have been spotted there through TMZ and stuff. Like when we were talking about--

Jen: Why didn't we go there?

Jon: Well, I felt like we were the celebrities.

Jen: You're so great.

Jon: Our Instagram is up to 4,000 followers.

Jen: What?

Jon: We are influencers at this point.

Jen: Yes, we are.

Jon: And if you're not following us, you should. Our Instagram is Our Savings Starts Tomorrow. Hey I think that there is something you have to do when you go to Maui on your first trip there then you can just say I did it and I never have to do it again.

Jen: A lūʻau.

Jon: Oh, the lūʻau is true. I was gonna say the road to Hana.

Jen: Oh yeah.

Jon: The road to Hana is the scenic highway that just twists and turns and just think,

Jen: I don't know, one person that done it. That haven't said that they've gotten ill.

Jon: Yeah. Yeah. That's just part of, you know, you're gonna get sick that day.

Jen: Oh, --

Jon: You're gonna get sick

Jen: When we did it with your family. I don't even remember the end of it because I think I was just laying down in the back of the van.

Jon: Yeah. I think that's the worst, like if you're driving, I bet it's fine. But for everyone else, oh, it just, it takes forever; it's 52 miles, but it takes all day. It takes well,

Jen: Because you stop. You're stopping.

Jon: Yeah. There's the rainforest and the waterfalls and I mean, it's the

Jen: The seven sacred pools. The black sand beach,

Jon: Black sand beach is really cool.

Jen: Yeah. I mean, all those things are very, very cool. And then, the drive itself is it's beautiful. Super sketchy though.

Jon: No. Oh, cuz you go through like,

Jen: There's A lot of like one lane highways, like you're like on a cliff it's yeah.

Jon: Yeah. But you have to do it once and then you get, say you drove the road to Hana

Jen: And never ever do it again

Jon: And never speak of it Again. Yeah. Since you mentioned the lūʻau, we might as well say the lūʻau too.

Jen: Oh yeah.

Jon: You and I have done more than one lūʻau though

Jen: . Yes. They're always the same though.

Jon: No matter where you go.

Jen: I kind of feel like they are.

Jon: But you have to do the Old Lahaina Luau. Don't you?

Jen: Yeah. You do the Old Lahaina Luau, but then you can also do the one in Kāʻanapali. I can't remember what hotel that it's at.

Jon: I thought that was the Old Lahaina one.

Jen: Is that The Old Lahaina? Oh, maybe it is the Old Lahaina one. Yeah.

Jon: Yeah. Every hotel has one,

Jen: But Wailea like they had one.

Jon: Yeah. Everyone does. And it's like, you know what? It's like go to medieval times where you're watching jousting and eating chicken, but instead you're watching --

Jen: Like dancing--

Jon: Hawaiian culture. Yeah. And yeah. And then you're dining on Hawaiian specialties, like Poi

Jen: And they're is that.

Jon: Pokey

Jen: And their pig.

Jon: Oh, poi, no the Poi is the pig.

Jen: Oh, the Poi is the pig. Okay.

Jen: The poi was the pig that they roast in the underground --

Jen: Oh, Poi eww.

Jon: Yeah. Poi is disgusting. You kind of get up. It's like everyone has to stand in the line and buffet style. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> but it's, it's something to do once.

Jen: You need to do it,

Jon: Get photos. Yeah. And then you get, see the fire dancer. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>, which is always like a really cool,

Jen: We didn't do it, if we would've brought the kids. I maybe would've had us do it just as something to do.

Jon: You know what I would recommend? I mean, those are the two ones that everyone has to do when you go to Maui.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: But I think the Haleakalā, I'm sure I butchered it. The volcano.

Jen: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jon: That is so cool.

Jen: That is very cool.

Jon: It's one of the world's largest dormant volcano craters, and you'll see it Everywhere. You know, like it, it just is sitting there

Jen: Mm-hmm <affirmative> and it usually has clouds around It.

Jon: I know, I feel like we saw the top, like twice when we were there. It's funny, everyone always says like, oh, you can never see the top there's clouds and then we see it. It's like when we go to Seattle and they're like always rains, right we've never seen it rain in Seattle.

Jen: I know.

Jon: People just lie.

Jen: They are liars.

Jon: They're just like weird city facts that aren't true

Jen: It's cold up there though. It's amazing how cold it is up there.

Jon: And one of the coolest things you can do is actually get up to the top and see the sunrise. And there's two different ways to do the art, you could make a reservation or you can do one of these tours. Mm-Hmm, <affirmative>, it's really hard to do to make a reservation. We know because we tried, yeah. We actually had a tour.

Jen: We had a tour, but they wouldn't pick us up at our hotel.

Jon: And because they were going to a bunch of different hotels, like stops along the way we had to get even get up earlier. It was like two in the morning and we just knew we were gonna to be having too much wine the night before so we didn't do it. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and I think we both regret not seeing the... they say it's like one of the most beautiful sunrises. You'll see.

Jen: We'll have to go back.

Jon: Yeah, exactly.

Jen: Okay.

Jon: And you can also cycle down.

Jen: I don't wanna do that.

Jon: Why not.

Jen: I don't want to <laugh>

Jon: What if we put training wheels,

Jen: I know how to ride a bike. It's not that I don't know how to ride a bike. I don't know.

Jon: Is it the speed?

Jen: Is it a bike path? I don't wanna be in the road.

Jon: Yeah. But you're going with a bunch of other people. Like the tour de Frances, if one person falls out,

Jen: I know, I don't trust these people. There's a bunch of tourists. They don't know what they're doing. They never ride a bike.

Jon: Yeah.

Jen: I'm going downhill.

Jon: You're right.

Jen: Just no

Jon: I do have to stop us talking about Maui because we have a second sponsor.

Jen: What?

Jon: In our podcast.

Jen: That's awesome.

Jon: I told you influencers.

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: Thanks to Outdoor Gear Works. Outdoor Gear Works specializes in outdoor soft good repairs, ranging from backpacks, tents, sleeping and canvas items. They do leather repair, equestrian, English, and Western and saddle and tack. So, you know, if you're like a, a cowboy and you're listening to this out on the range.

Jen: But they do more than that. I've seen this guy. Like he does like repairs on boots and wallets and like nice things.

Jon: He does leather [inaudible11:12] that we're actually gonna do a giveaway on our Instagram page.

Jen: Oh, that's cool.

Jon: Uhhuh art recycle, reuse. That's the thing like if you have leather, they can do something with it. So, it's really cool. In fact, the company statement is repairing your gear for your next great adventure. Find them online Outdoor gear works. Thank you for being our sponsor and doing the giveaway with us coming up. All right. Back to Maui.

Jen: Okay.

Jon: Everyone snorkels at least one day. Oh, tell the story about you and your dad when you guys were snorkeling.

Jen: Oh my gosh. My dad and I went to Maui once together and he...I don't know, we went to some bait shop and he was asking them where we should go snorkeling. So, we got some snorkel gear, we hopped in the car. They tell us to go to some random Cove. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> we go like idiots. And like nobody is there; and they also gave my dad fish food. And let me just tell you never, ever do that. <Laugh> so we're in the middle of...I feel like we're in the middle of the ocean. We're not in the middle of the ocean but still, it feels like we're very far out. And my dad starts like letting this fish food go and we get swarmed, swarmed by so many fish it freaked me out. I think like my dad has like claw marks on his body because I was like clawing to like get away from all the, it was, it was frightening. And you know, there's these parrot fish they actually like eat coral. So, they have like teeth. They're like all around. Like it was frightening.

Jon: That was the first time Jen went snorkeling in Maui. Let me tell you about the second time Jen went snorkeling in Maui.

Jen: Oh my gosh.

Jon: We were there and we were out in the water and we were with my sister who's deathly afraid of sharks, which are in the water, it's just part of life. And it turns out that once a month they do a tsunami warning. But the thing is, if no one tells you it just sounds like maybe what a shark warning would sound like.

Jen: Oh, totally.

Jon: If you happened to,

Jen: And we were ...I feel like we were actually far out.

Jon: So, all of a sudden, the alarm goes off mm-hmm and the three of us just book it toward the shore thinking that --

Jen: Let's be clear, you booked it. You were out of there so fast.

Jon: That's not my fault. You guys can't swim as fast as me.

Jen: Your sister could not swim fast at all. I'm like in the middle of both of you. And I'm like trying to pull her cuz she's like crying.

Jon: Yeah. So be aware of that.

Jen: Oh, oh my gosh. And then we got onto the beach. Remember you like pulled us out of the water. You're like hugging us. Like all the three of us. Oh my God. We made it. And like, everyone on the beach is staring at us. Like what is wrong with those people?

Jon: I know it was a bad.

Jen: And then we found out what it was and we felt stupid

Jon: On our most recent trip. We actually went and snorkeled the Molokini Crater; which is beautiful. And you gotta go off the tour cuz it's in the middle of the ocean. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and in fact the one we did was a sea turtle swim plus Molokini Crater

Jen: You know what? I mean, the crater was amazing. Yeah. I had done the crater before, but it was really cool. But the sea turtles

Jon: It's like you see 'em

Jen: I just wanna do the sea turtles

Jon: Uhhuh because the sea turtles all around us, you'll leave them alone.

Jen: Oh yeah.

Jon: And they just will just float right by you mm-hmm <affirmative> and you don't even have to go deep. You can just put your head in the water. And look, and the sea turtles are all around you.

Jen: That's so cool.

Jon: I mean, it's like being a, like back to being a child again, mm-hmm <affirmative> watching these majestic creatures in the water. So definitely recommend that.

Jen: Oh, I loved that.

Jon: I also recommend doing a smaller group. You'll have like the choice on like the Molokini creator to do like this big barge, that fits like a hundred people. Pick like one of the tiny little Zeph that holds like 12. Otherwise, you're getting kicked in the face. It's just so much, it's too much splashing that's going on. And just be aware. I mean, again, you're out there in nature animals will still come up to you

Jen: Plus, like when you're with the smaller group, I feel like they have a little more flexibility on like, hey, I see we're gonna go over here and like, look at, you know whatever's happening over here. I don't know, like when you're with a big, huge group, it's kind of like, they're just sticking to their script and that's it.,

Jon: Yeah exactly. Would you recommend whale watching?

Jen: If you've never done it, I totally would.

Jon: Because you get the idea ... here's my problem with the just whales in general, like--

Jen: we've done whale watching in Maui or Hawaii in general. Like a couple of times.

Jon: Yeah. That's fine.

Jen: But also, if you're like in a, if you're, if you go there during that season yeah, you can just sit somewhere If you have a view of the ocean and you will literally see them breaching.

Jon: Yeah. But that's what I wanna talk about because we pretend, we're out there.

Jen: Oh sorry.

Jon: We sit on the beach and people like, oh, did you see the whale? Did you see the whale? And then everyone runs and they look out and, and you see nothing. And it's like the biggest thing of emperor's new clothes I've ever seen. <Laugh> because there's no whales out there, but everyone keeps saying they see 'em or it's like, oh, that's the spout of the water. And it's like, that's just a wave in the middle.

Jen: No, it's not.

Jon: You don't see like this amazing whale from like sea world breach the water completely in land.

Jen: Yeah. Well, no, not from SeaWorld. No, It's not a shmoo out there,

Jon: But you don't get the show is what I'm saying. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> you don't see. You see maybe like a fraction of its back

Jen: Kind of just like.

Jon: Right.

Jen: Did you see that

Jon: I'm sorry. One more time. You can visualize what...that's what it is. I think it's yeah, you gotta do it once. What about the submarine tour? Yeah. That [inaudible16:41]

Jen: Don't think I've ever done it.

Jon: You stay kind of towards the, the shore. It's a good way. If you don't wanna snorkel, if you don't wanna get in the water, you get, see the fish and the, the kelp and it's fun. You'll usually see a sea turtle there as well. Not cool though. There's something about being there next to a sea turtle, knowing that it could eat you.

Jen: It's not gonna eat you, but like being so close to it is just amazing.

Jon: Also right there, another thing you have to do once and get a photo by is the Banyan tree park.

Jen: Oh yeah.

Jon: The Banyan tree is this huge tree, it's like 60 feet large and it's, it's ridiculous. So, it's roots go into the ground from the limbs mm-hmm <affirmative> and so it goes everywhere around this park and you can just walk around and take photos next to it. Usually there's like a, a festival or something

Jen: Happening and there's like an ice cream shop that's like right across the street, you gotta get some ice cream and then you gotta walk around the tree--.

Jon: Get yourself some dull whip.

Jen: Yeah. There’re only like <laugh> eight places. <Laugh> in the world.

Jon: I have <laugh> that doll whip at one point was like only at Disneyland or so we always told each other and it turns out you can buy a dull whip, ice cream, at the gas station,

Jen: At the gas station, apparently.

Jon: It's not as amazing or like hard to find as one would think. Some restaurants you definitely have to check out while in Maui, Monkey pod.

Jen: It's like the thing right now,

Jon: But the food's fine. But the, Mai Tai's there

Jen: It'll make the black out. --

Jon: So strong.

Jen: So, I've heard <laugh>

Jon: You don't need more than two.

Jen: Someone said that you could only have two, but you know what? We each had two,

Jon: Our server was trying to get us to buy a third

Jen: And I'm pretty sure she would've given us a third.

Jon: She was asking if we wanted more.

Jen: Really?

Jon: I don't wanna get anyone in trouble. <Laugh> another place everyone goes to at least once is Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Jen: Oh, it's fun.

Jon: Yeah.

Jen: It's a fun place to go.

Jon: And it's beautiful, like where it's at.

Jen: Yeah, because you get the good view.

Jon: Yes. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> yeah. Usually there's a wait. But you can end up walking up and down the street. It's like a busy main street.

Jen: Yeah. There’re tons of little tchotchke shops to walk in.

Jon: And some art shops to act like you're rich and like, [mumbling18:49]. You and I have never been to Mama's Fish house, --

Jen: Oh my God.

Jon: But we keep trying.

Jen: I it's like so frustrating, here's the problem with Mama's Fish house even though I've never been there before.

Jon: Screw you Mama's Pit Fish house

Jen: No, I wanna go there so bad. It's on the other side of the island.

Jon: Yeah. In a [inaudible19:08]

Jen: So, it's a like over by the airport. So, I know like a lot of people plan their trip, like, hey, on the way to the leaving, right, like you're gonna have dinner and then get on your plane to go home.

Jon: That's smart.

Jen: Right. but I don't know. I never think of that until it's too late. You have to make reservations way out in advance, --

Jon: Six months in advance.

Jen: And I like, we could have gone other times, I suppose if I would've thought of it to make reservations, but it's so far away. It's like, if we're gonna have a drink or two, it's just...

Jon: Yeah, no, it's have to almost stay there for the night or get back on a, --

Jen: A flight or something.

Jon: [inaudible19:48] drunk.

Jen: Okay. <laugh> I'm on vacation. No, but I would love to eat there and everyone that goes says it's amazing. So

Jon: Yeah. We went there once thinking maybe we could just sneak in and sit at the bar.

Jen: Oh, they were not having it at all.

Jon: Security turned us. --

Jen: I think it's because it was, COVID still like, they were pretty strict on things because I I've heard that before. COVID you could go and wait.

Jon: Oh, Okay. They were not letting us last time; we were just there pretty recently. So yeah. And then of course Maui brewing company is a fun one.

Jen: It is fun.

Jon: It's cool. Yeah. You get to sit outside. There's chickens and roosters everywhere. Yeah. Good food. Good beer. Well, it's fine. Food and fine beer. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>. Final question for you.

Jen: Okay.

Jon: Which one would you rather stay at again? Wailea or Kāʻanapali.

Jen: Ooh.

Jon: Very different.

Jen: It is very different.

Jon: Much more activities in Kāʻanapali. Not much doing in Wailea.

Jen: I know,

Jon: But Wailea has much a kind of more laid-back vibe.

Jen: You know what if it's just you and I mm-hmm <affirmative> definitely Wailea, definitely. Yeah. I think if we have the kids, I would love to stay at a different hotel that has a little bit more a kid friendly pool for them. And I think that they would be fine over there as well.

Jon: No, I agree with you. It just depends on what you're going for.

Jen: Look, now that we've gone so many times, I don't need to like go shopping you know. Like I don't know I just wanna be by the pool and see the ocean.

Jon: Yeah. Should we go long so we can talk about the hike just really quick. I mean we try to keep these at 20 minutes,

Jen: I know.

Jon: Okay.

Jen: Quick,

Jon: I made you go on a death hike. <Laugh>.

Jen: oh my gosh. <Laugh> this was an anniversary trip and I feel like he tries to kill me every anniversary by some,

Jon: I always choose like this stupid stuff to do, like we did a mud run one time. The Waihee Ridge trail and kind of like the road to Hana, it's a kind of a sketchy drive to get to this trail head mm-hmm <affirmative> but it's one of the most famous trail heads in Maui, but you better be in shape.

Jen: Oh yeah.

Jon: Because first of all, the parking only gives you about six spots. So, you might have to park in the overflow, which we had to do. And then you have to do like an extra half mile up this hill--

Jen: And it is up a hill

Jon: Just to get to the trail head and then you do a mile straight up mm-hmm <affirmative> and it's you, you have to sit along. I mean, there's a bunch of people who are like resting every few steps. Like it's, it's kind of brutal. But all of a sudden you get up on top of this mountain range and there's a waterfall in the background on one side, the ocean's on the other.

Jen: It is incredible.

Jon: It is worth every inch of that hike that you have to do.

Jen: I would highly recommend it. It's it, it takes a while to get there, especially if you're staying in Kāʻanapali or Wailea, or on that side. But it's totally worth it.

Jon: I was so worried that you were going to be upset when we went on this hike.

Jen: I was very hot mm-hmm <affirmative> and I was glistening a lot.

Jon: You were glistening a lot. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>.

Jen: And I'm glad that it wasn't as hot as it probably could have been that day.

Jon: Right.

Jen: But no, it was great.

Jon: Yeah. And bring a lot of water and then you can take photos everywhere. It takes you... It's kind of cool to get higher and higher almost to the peak, you're above the clouds. It's kind of foggy for a second. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>. Yeah, it's worth it, but oh,

Jen: So, pretty's.

Jon: And then someone gave us a ride back down. Not, once we went back to the trail head to the reserve. Cuz we weren't gonna make it.

Jen: No, I was so sore the next day. Oh my gosh.

Jon: All right. There you go. Thanks for listening to our little podcast. If you're new, please go back and listen to old episodes. And if you haven't done so yet, follow us on Instagram. Our Instagram is Our Savings Starts Tomorrow.

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