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Seattle- Where it Never Rains

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Everyone who lives in Seattle will tell you that it always rains. You know what? We have never had it rain while visiting!

Seattle...home of Chris Pratt, Hillary Swank, Macklemore, and Starbucks! Yes, you can actually visit the OG Starbucks on your vacation. It's right next to Pike's Place Market, which is a must for any tourist. You can see the fish get thrown around and then enjoy some clam chowder from Pike Place Chowder. Before you leave, make sure to visit the Market Theater Gum Wall.

Just outside of downtown is the Seattle Space Needle and the Freemont Troll. Both are a must for your first time. Other fun spots to visit are the Seattle aquarium, Seattle Great Wheel, and Museum of Pop Culture!

Did you know that Washington has a lot of wineries too? It's not just Sonoma, Napa or Portland that makes great wine. Washington's oldest winery, Chateau St Michelle is a must.

From our podcast:


Jon: A big, thank you to actress, Bella Thorne first and foremost, we gotta start there.

Jen: That was huge.

Jon: Bella Thorne giving us a shout out in on Instagram. Next thing you know, our Instagram blows up. We have all these new followers.

Jen: Awesome.

Jon: Our downloads were big.

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: We owe our first-born son. That's fine.

Jen: Good gracious.

Jon: He stopped showering anyways.

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: So.

Jen: We have another one.

Jon: Yeah. Yeah.

Jen: It's fine.

Jon: No, that's why you have two. The first one goes to a famous celebrity. And the second one you keep and you raise.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: We know the deal here. Welcome to Our Savings Starts Tomorrow. My is Jon, my wife, Jen sits right on the other side of the table and we just hang out and we talk about travel. Fun, 20-minute podcast, travel tips, adventures, craziness,

Jen: Mishaps tricks...

Jon: Chaos.

Jen: Yep.

Jon: All of it. And today we're gonna tell you all about Seattle, Seattle. Hillary Swanks from Seattle, Chris Pratt,

Jen: Grey's anatomy

Jon: Grey's anatomy,

Jen: Shades of Grey, Twilight,

Jon: 50 shades of gray. Let me just tell you one of the, the most watched <laugh> movies.

Jen: Free Willy. I don't know.

Jon: I don't know, maybe free Willy a McLemore. Lots of famous people from the Seattle Washington area. I should say.

Jen: Pacific Northwest man.

Jon: Gorgeous.

Jen: Soon as you get off of the plane. So beautiful. It is just the most picturesque place. It's a vibe. The smell it's like fresh mm-hmm <affirmative> I don't know what it is.

Jon: It's like these tall skinny trees everywhere. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> I feel like I wanna be a lager or a lumberjack when I'm there.

Jen: It's so green.

Jon: Yeah. Mount Olympus the really tall mountain you see, as you fly in mm-hmm <affirmative> and then you also have like Mount Rainier which is there, which is like a volcano and everything.

Jen: And after the beer.

Jon: And the beer, of course. Yes. The beer was first and then the mountain range. <laugh>. And with this being the first episode of 2022, we have a new sponsor, actually, an old sponsor who's now sponsoring us for the entire year.

Jen: The whole year,

Jon: Heart, Soul Heat.

Jen: Wow.

Jon: Heart, Soul Heat. Let me tell you about Raul.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: Raul is a good guy. He was this home chef who was just passionate about flavors and he created Ghost Honey.

Jen: Oh.

Jon: Which is 100% American made hot honey. So, it's this ghost pepper infused raw honey. And it's so good on like a pizza or fried chicken or--

Jen: Ice cream.

Jon: --Goat cheese.

Jen: So good on goat cheese.

Jon: Put on some goat cheese, change your life.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: So, Raul listens to our podcast, loves what we do and he's like, you know what? People help me out when I was starting. I wanna help you while you're starting out.

Jen: I love that.

Jon: So, Raul, thank you so much. They have a third day no risk guarantee policy, which means you have 30 days after ordering for, to request a refund and you can go and order. You're not gonna be disappointed at Also on Instagram, they have some recipes that they post. So, it's heartsoulheat on Instagram as well. All right, Seattle, we have been to Seattle a lot.

Jen: A lot.

Jon: Your sister lives in Seattle.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: Which means my brother-in-law also lives in Seattle.

Jen: Yes. They live together.

Jon: Really? Is that how it works?

Jen: They're married. They have a baby.

Jon: Oh, fascinating. And they always talk about how it rains in Seattle, right? Like that's like the one thing you hear constantly--

Jen: Lies it.

Jen: It's not true at all.

Jon: It never rains there.

Jon: And we have been different times of the year.

Jen: Yep.

Jon: Many different times.

Jen: Yep.

Jon: And it's always clear skies.

Jen: Sunny.

Jon: Yes. It's like, they all got---

Jen: Actually, perfect weather. Every time.

Jon: Every single time

Jen: It was a little cold this time, but --

Jon: It's winter.

Jen: It's still sunny.

Jon: It's like, they all got together and they said, hey, let's tell everyone it rains constantly here. So, no one knows and no one will move here.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: And that's what they do.

Jen: Yeah. I know.

Jon: We've got like a tan last time, it's like perfect. Also, so your sister and a brother-in-law they, they both work at Boeing.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: Did you know that Boeing offers tours?

Jen: Yes.

Jon: Okay. I didn't. And I don't understand this. Like why have we never done a tour of the Boeing plant? It seems incredible to go to, it's huge. It's like the biggest freestanding building in the world or --

Jen: It's like a city.

Jon: Yes.

Jen: Their own city.

Jon: They build planes.

Jen: I know. I think it's because when we go and visit them, they do things with us. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and I'm sure the last place they wanna go to is their work --

Jon: Well, I wanna go, I wanna see planes being built. I wanna, --.

Jen: Next time, we'll go.

Jon: It's a 90-minute tour. And no one has ever told me that Boeing offers something like this.

Jen: I feel like they tell us a lot about what happens there. So...

Jon: They snap us photos, so they think that's the tour. That's not the tour. <Laugh> I wanna walk around. Of course, if you go to Seattle and you've never been before, you have to go to Seattle's most visited landmark, which is actually a market, which is Pike Place market a great place. It has that famous red sign that everyone takes photos.

Jen: Yep. You gotta take a picture with the sign.

Jon: You can go and see them throw fish around.

Jen: That's so cool.

Jon: They sing sea shanties as they throw.

Jen: And it's like a full like farmer's market. Like I know that they say it's a touristy place, but I feel like there's a lot of locals that are shopping there

Jon: Seems like a working market. Like if you live downtown, you go to this market.

Jen: I mean, obviously if you're staying at the Marriot, you're not like buying your vegetables and your fruit from there. So, like, it has to be like, --

Jon: Someone's buying stuffs --

Jen: Locals are buying stuff there; you buy flowers and all sorts of like things that people make and it's cool.

Jon: And if you are staying like at the Marriott and you're going, well, I don't want any of that. They also have a restaurant like.

Jen: They have several restaurants and they're pretty good.

Jon: Well Pike Place chowder, has like some of the best clam chowder.

Jen: Don't sell San Francisco.

Jon: No, San Francisco is fine.

Jen: Oh my God.

Jon: It's fine.

Jen: Wow.

Jon: But Seattle's clam chowder just as good.

Jen: No, it really is so good.

Jon: Also, down there at Pike Place market is the OG Starbucks, which I was so excited about seeing, because a big Starbucks fan over here

Jen: And it'd be great if they could sponsor our podcast.

Jon: <Laugh> yeah, right. It was just it was just a Starbucks shop. There was nothing there.

Jen: I know we expected something really cool. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> there's a plaque out in the front that says that this is the original.

Jon: I wanted it to look like what the first Starbucks look like. I think that's what I wanted.

Jen: What does the first Starbucks look like?

Jon: I don't know! They made it back in the day of like grunge and stuff I wanted, I wanted to,

Jen: Well, there's like folksy people that sing out front.

Jon: Yeah. There's like a, a fire dancer out in front or something. A couple street performers, busking mm-hmm <affirmative> but no, I want like, I don't know. It looks so corporate. It looked like Starbucks, [crosstalk06:36] another thing down at a Pike's market is the market theater gum wall. It's a brick wall. That's just covered in chewing gum.

Jen: It's disgusting.

Jon: And here's the weird thing. There’re a few chewing gums walls in the United States.

Jen: I know. It's always funny where it's like, you have to see the gum wall. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> it's--\.

Jon: Did you take a photo?

Jen: There's like gum walls everywhere.

Jon: Everywhere. I mean everywhere. There's one in Sloane, I think there's one in San Francisco.

Jen: It's disgusting.

Jon: Yes.

Jen: I don't feel like it's like sanitary in today's pandemic.

Jon: And there's always one person who wants to do a photo with their tongue out next to the gum.

Jen: That's you.

Jon: That's me.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: Sometimes you get too close. Your tongue touches the gum.

Jen: Oh gosh. Don't do the,

Jon: But like, that's like what you do at the gum wall.

Jen: It's like, just because they don't wanna clean it up.

Jon: <Laugh> they're just Lazy.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: Yeah. That's like us like.

Jen: Art. We're just keeping --

Jon: Yeah. Call it art. Tell people, take photos in front of it.

Jen: Yeah, exactly.

Jon: Another landmark that you definitely have to go to if it's your first time in Seattle is the space needle. As seen in 50 Shades of Grey or Grey's Anatomy.

Jen: Grey's Anatomy.

Jon: Frazier.

Jen: Oh.

Jon: It was Dr. Evil's home base in Austin Powers too.

Jen: Oh.

Jon: So yeah, it was actually built for the world's fair back in 1962. And it, everyone knows what I say. The space needle, you know what it is? And you have a vision in your mind of what it is. So did our kids and when they saw it for the first time, they were so disappointed.

Jen: It's so small to them.

Jon: Yeah.

Jen: I think they were really expecting something massive. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and they're like, wait, where is it? We can't see it. And then as we got closer, they're like, oh,

Jon: It's like the statue of Liberty. You expect the statue of Liberty to be so big. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and then it's just not. It's kind of the same idea. But next to the space needle is the Museum of Pop culture or, MoPop mm-hmm <affirmative> and it's really cool. Like the architecture out in the front is, I don't know. It's awesome looking.

Jen: Yeah. There's a ton of museums over there.

Jon: Yeah.

New Speaker: A ton. That's the only one I remember though, is the Museum of Pop Culture.

Jen: And that one, I mean, that one did look very fun. Probably one that we would enjoy the most.

Jon: Yeah. You can spend all day there. Yeah. It's Seattle.

Jen: Hey, going back to the space needle though.

Jon: Oh yeah.

Jen: You can go up into it.

Jon: Yeah. Well, yeah. Like go to the top.

Jen: You can go to the top.

Jon: Yeah. They have that the tilting walls that like make you feel like you're floating and they have like glass on the ground, they do all the things.

Jen: Which would be cool.

Jon: It's like everyone does glass on the ground now. Like there's one in New York that does it. Chicago, the Grand Canyon has glass on the ground. It's like the new thing.

Jen: I don't really love it. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>. But...

Jon: It also does it does it rotate or is that the stratosphere?

Jen: That's the Stratosphere.

Jon: That's the stratosphere. Okay. Is there a casino at the space needle at the bottom?

Jen: No.

Jon: That also, --

Jen: Maybe I don’t know.

Jon: <Laugh> right out.

Jen: Is there a bar upstairs?

Jon: If it's Seattle, there's a bar. Trust me, you can get drinks anywhere in Seattle.

Jen: That's true.

Jon: Right down the street from the space needle is the Fremont troll. And I first got to know this troll from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You.

Jen: One more ... is this, we only know Seattle from different movies and TV shows.

Jon: Well, the only reason we did a podcast episode on London is because of "What a Girl wants" with Amanda Vines. Yeah.

Jen: Oh my gosh.

Jon: Right. We're influenced by movies.

Jen: We are totally influenced by movies.

Jon: It's just giant sculpture of a troll that's underneath the Aurora bridge. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and it turns out that the troll has a car in its hand.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: <Laugh> we had no clue, even though we had climbed all over this troll.

Jen: I know. I seriously, I don't even remember seeing it at all.

Jon: I know.

Jen: Like when my brother-in-law was like, did you see the

Jon: The bug,

Jen: The bug, the trolls holding mm-hmm <affirmative>. And did you see all the memorabilia inside? It's all Elvis because the artist was a huge Elvis fan and I'm like, there wasn't one.

Jon: Yeah. They moved it.

Jen: Yeah. There wasn't one. And I had to go by and look at our picture and I'm like, oh, it's that? Like,

Jon: How did we miss it?

Jen: I don't know.

Jon: We use that to get up on the troll.

Jen: I know--

Jon: Which, by the way, Jen's like, oh, you can't climb on the troll. And we get there. And there's some like woman up there doing a, like a, a sexy photo shoot for her husband.

Jen: So weird.

Jon: On the troll has seen things. I bet. That poor troll has seen life happen. And so, yeah. Before we go on about Seattle, we have another sponsor. It's a twofer.

Jen: Two sponsors.

Jon: 2022 big year for our podcast

Jen: Oh my gosh. You're really like working it.

Jon: Thank you so much to Hydronique Hydration, electrolyte powder drink packets. So, this was actually started in the middle of pandemic. The founder of Hydronique Hydration was a frontline healthcare worker and he was getting these headaches. And there was a study that was actually published during the pandemic that showed up to 81% of frontline healthcare workers were getting headaches and they realized it was because of their PPE, like the face masks and the face shields would prevent them from like eating and drinking as much as they normally would.

Jen: Oh, that makes sense.

Jon: So, they would leave work tired and dehydrated and, and burnt out Uhhuh <affirmative>. So, he started looking for a healthy drink that had all of those vitamins and minerals, but not with sugar. Like there's so many energy drinks out there that have sugar in him. Yeah. And it turns out he decided to make his own whoa. And he created Hydronique Hydration, sugar free keto friendly. Plant-Based antioxidant rich it's these electrolyte powder packets.

Jen: And it tastes good. What?

Jon: Yeah, it actually tastes like elderberry, which I love, you know, I love the elderberry and they're little packets. So, you can when you travel, if you're worried about getting dehydrated--

Jen: Oh, like on an airplane.

Jon: Exactly. So, visit the website, We'll actually put the link in our podcast description. So that way you can go there. They're on Amazon.

Jen: Yeah. I saw that. Yeah. I love buying things on Amazon It's very easy.

Jon: I reached out because the Amazon listing was out of stock and they were like, no, no, no you know what? Tell your listeners that if they just get it off the website, they'll discount the price, so you get the Amazon price.

Jen: Oh, nice.

Jon: Yeah. So, it's awesome. So, make sure you go to; thank you for sponsoring our show. Back to Seattle, downtown Seattle, the Seattle aquarium is there.

Jen: Yeah. I just love aquariums.

Jon: It is kind of a thing you and I search out,

Jen: Especially with the kids, it's like an easy place to go and explore and see. And it's like right on the water, which is cool.

Jon: They have seals,

Jen: They have seals there.

Jon: They have seals.

Jen: Like actual seals?

Jon: Yes. Like that kind of thing. Yeah. off of pier 59. And it's a big tribute, like the whole thing to the Puget sound, which is they keep calling like the Seattle sound and all that. It just means water going in inward like an inlet.

Jen`: Oh.

Jon: I had to look it up.

Jen: Really?

Jon: That's I don't that's what my,

Jen: That makes sense. Why they're called Seattle sound. I had no idea.

Jon: There you go. That's why you listen to this podcast.

Jen: Well, you learn one thing during this Podcast,

Jon: <laugh> They do a lot of stuff on orcas.

Jen: Well, because Free Willy,

Jon: I don't think Free Willy was based in Seattle.

Jen: I feel like we should have looked that up.

Jon: Why did I not search that? Like out of everything I did research on. Have no clue. I told you that Austin Powers too.

Jen: <Laugh> well, I, where was Free Willy done? I'm pretty sure it wasn't like in Florida.

Jon: Well, I don't know cuz it is kind of Woody. Ah, I don't know. <Laugh> okay. The Seattle great wheel is also downtown. That's like the London eye or --

Jen: The one in Vegas.

Jon: Yeah, the high roller.

Jen: It's just a giant Ferris wheel.

Jon: Ferris wheel.

Jen: Yeah.

Jen: I mean it looks cool.

Jon: Yeah.

Jen: I don't wanna do it, but it seems cool.

Jon: They say they're open rain or shine, but as we know Seattle, doesn't rain there. So.

Jen: Just open [inaudible14:17].

Jon: It's just beautiful.

Jen: It's sunny.

Jon: I don't know. Maybe I mentioned this in the Vegas one when we talked about the high roller, but I'm afraid of getting trapped in one of those things and having to use the restroom. Do they have some type of poop bucket in the corner?

Jen: Oh gosh, gross. You know what though? You are on there for a long time, I’d imagine because it's really large and have to every person has to get on and then the next one and then the next one and the next one. And then it goes around a couple times and then you have to let everyone off one by one. It just takes so long.

Jon: Is there an adult diaper that they offer you at the beginning?

Jen: Also, I know that we joke that Seattle is really sunny Uhhuh <affirmative>, but I find it interesting that Seattle and London have these enormous Ferris wheels, in places that are kind of like gray and gloomy and foggy

Jon: Foggy. You can't even see out of ...

Jen: You can't even see.

Jon: <Laugh> it's true

Jen: Because we did like... we were gonna do London I one day, but it was so foggy and I feel the same way about Seattle. I mean, every time we go, yeah, we could definitely do it and it would be fine and we'd get beautiful photos. <Laugh>

Jon: Outside of downtown, if you want to do something a little bit different turns out that Washington has great wineries.

Jen: We just sniff 'em out. I think.

Jon: Do we just fall into 'em?

Jen: Yes.

Jon: Like certain people can find different things <laugh> and we just find booze.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: We're like a truffle pig for booze.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: <Laugh>. So, we went and actually did a whole wine tasting in Washington once.

Jen: That's so great.

Jon: It was a blast and we went to the most famous winery, which is Chateau St. Michelle mm-hmm <affirmative> just miles from Seattle. It's the state's oldest and most celebrated winery. You can do a tour. --

Jen: It's gorgeous.

Jon: You can buy food and then just eat out there, like picnic.

Jen: Yeah. It was so pretty there

Jon: It was huge too. It was like a hundred acres.

Jen: Wow.

Jon: Yeah. I mean it's just everywhere. They have like concerts in the summertime and they do all those things.

Jen: That'd be fun.

Jon: But there's so many other, like all our wineries and tasting rooms, there are tasting rooms everywhere.

Jen: Yeah. We went to Columbia winery, that was another really cool one. We did a ton of tasting rooms and there, there really are tasting rooms everywhere.

Jon: We found a barn in Everett, Washington that was doing like a wine mixer. Like the Catalina wine mixer, but in a barn next to some cows giving birth. Like it was all in one place.

Jen: And there were all these local, small-town wineries that you could do samples of it. It was really cool.

Jon: I definitely think that they don't do a good job marketing, all the wine stuff they have there,

Jen: Like to everyone else.

Jon: Yeah.

Jen: I know.

Jon: Like everyone says Portland or obviously Sonoma and Napa, but no one says Washington.

Jen: I know it was so good.

Jon: It was good.

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: A place said we've never been to but one day would like to is Bainbridge Island.

Jen: Wait I've been there.

Jon: <Laugh> you've been to Bainbridge Island.

Jen: I've been to Bainbridge Island.

Jon: A place that I've never been to.

Jen: You've never been there.

Jon: But you have been, did you go on the Boeing tour? Did they take you to the Boeing tour? Also?

Jen: I've not been to Boeing.

Jon: Okay. So, you've been to Bainbridge Island?

Jen: Yes, my sisters and I, we took a ferry over there and we went to a distillery,

Jon: Of course. A tasting room.

Jen: And a tasting room actually.

Jon: Yes. It, you have to take a ferry?

Jen: Yes.

Jon: Okay.

Jen: Like a legit Ferry.

Jon: Did you get on in a car and like drive on?

Jen: No, I wish we would've though. That would've been really cool.

Jon: So, what did you just stand on the edge? Away from the cars?

Jen: We were?

Jon: Is it like the Catalina express? The

Jen: No, the cars are underneath.

Jon: Oh, okay.

Jen: No, we were inside. We, and then we went outside a little bit.

Jon: What do you do when you're over there? You don't have a car. How do you get to the--?

Jen: I know actually I was like freaking out. Like how are like, we don't have a car.

Jon: Right?

Jen: Like it's a small island. Is there gonna be like little like, like ring shot?

Jon: <Laugh> right. <Laugh> something.

Jen: Or like a, a golfcart or like, I don't know. But there was Uber, we got an Uber.

Jon: All right. So, it was fine.

Jen: Yeah. It was fine.

Jon: Yeah. It's about 30 minutes.

Jen: Yep.

Jon: Ferry ride over, so try that. There's other, you can take the ferry to all these different islands, including some that are almost in Alaska where you can see like the Northern lights and you can see Orcas. You can see Free Willy himself does amazing appearances.

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: Cameos.

Jen: He's a whole show.

Jon: Yeah, and okay maybe you've done this. I don't know. Have you done the streets tour?

Jen: No, I've never done that.

Jon: Okay. There's this tour. That's a one hour walk underneath Pioneer Square.

Jen: That doesn't seem safe.

Jon: It's I guess like this 19th century architecture somehow is underground. Did they build the city on top of an old city?

Jen: Oh, I don't know.

Jon: I don't know how it works, but yeah, you can, you can walk around all a ground. And I don't know, you know, if you've been to Seattle, you know, there's a lot of tent cities down there.

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: So, I don't know.

Jen: That’s what I mean.

Jon: You know what I mean? I don't know.

Jen: I mean, it's very sunny there <laugh> but on the days where it's not sunny. Right. I feel like people that or without a home mm-hmm <affirmative> would be under the city.

Jon: Well, maybe you get to do a meet and great with them also. While you're down there.

Jen: Interesting.

Jon: But it joins with like the red-light district tour. Like the actual, where they talk about like gambling and prostitution and like all the underbelly stuff.

Jen: Is this like a family friendly tour.

Jon: Well, we'd bring our family and then answer a lot of uncomfortable questions afterwards, cuz that's how we roll.

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: <Laugh> but I think I wanna do that next time.

Jen: That'd be kind of cool.

Jon: I have two tours. I want to go on.

Jen: Oh, Boeing.

Jon: I wanna go on the Boeing tour.

Jen: Yes. Yes.

Jon: All right. That does it. Thanks for listening to our episode all about Seattle Washington. If you have not done it yet, please rate, review, and subscribe. In fact, we have a new review on apple, five stars from ‘mooseodgw’ saying much good stuff and really fun to listen to Jon and Jen, talk about trip ideas or places to go.

Jen: Oh, thanks.

New Speaker: Thank you. We really do appreciate it. If you don't mind helping out our sponsors as well. And of course, following us on Instagram, which is oursavingstartstomorrow.

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