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Sheila Mac

Thanks to our newest podcast sponsor, Sheila Mac!

Since early on this year, globally we have had to navigate unimaginably difficult economic, social, and emotional situations. If life has knocked you down, get ready for Sheila Mac to help with rebuilding, reinventing and REBOOTING.

  • Through Sheila’s unique Boots Formula, she offers guidance for those who are seeking to bring their life back to empowerment.

  • With exposure to life’s hardest challenges, Sheila understands what facing “rock bottom” looks like and has made it her mission to guide others through similar situations and back to living life on their terms.

  • Her book, Boot Straps & Bra Straps – ‘The Formula to go from Rock Bottom and Back into Action in any Situation!’ is a resource for those who need the guidance and assistance to take their life back into their own hands.

  • Applying the BOOTS© formula, Sheila helps those who are experiencing financial turmoil, career shifts, relationship problems, grieving a loss, parenting adult children, caring for elders, victims of abuse, desiring addiction recovery and seeking lifestyle redesign.

  • Through the activities and examples in Sheila’s book and presentations she helps others discover and uncover their true north to easily do what is needed to move forward with their life and accomplish personal and leadership goals. Anything that hurts, that doesn’t resonate, that fights against a person’s values — Sheila will guide leaders of their homes, businesses and communities to finally give these issues the BOOT.

  • Shelia’s book and talking points will help those seeking hope to regain their freedom and live the life they’ve always wanted by offering interactive exercises and resources that help by empowering your audience’s personal and organizational lives.


  • B=Being

  • O=Orientation

  • O=Order of Operations

  • T=Thinking

  • S=Stepping UP!

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