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The 7 Best IG Travel Accounts to Follow

Where do you go for inspiration? Hopefully you follow us on Instagram (@oursavingsstartstomorrow)! If one account is not enough though, here are seven other Instagram travel accounts to follow. Some are bloggers, others are influencers, all are fascinating to follow!

  1. Youngadventuress

This one has been around for awhile and for good reason! The blogs are not so over-the-top like other IG posts. Very relatable but beautiful too!

2. Traveldeeper

Gareth's personality is what makes this Instagram account. He also gives great info along the way but I think it's his presentation that makes it work!

3. migrationology

Food, and lots of it! What I love is that there are some things that I would never think about eating until I see Mark's post. Then I'm all in!

4. Calsnape

Some people can just take amazing photos. Callum is one of these people! Every post just makes me envy him more.

5. uncornered_market

Can you say couple goals? This duo has visited over 90 countries!!! Plus their pictures and stories are great. I find their writings to be inspiring as well.

6. bemytravelmuse

Just a Cali girl traveling the world. With over 5 million readers to her blog each year, she's doing something right! She's also better at saving money than the two of us.

7. kristarossow

How great is that picture? Krista is a National Geographic Travel contributor, so of course her stuff is next level!

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