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Where to Travel in 2022

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Trying to figure out where to go in the new year? We've got you covered with the top 5 destinations for 2022!

#5- Bermuda

From the pink sand beaches to historic forts to the Bermuda Triangle, there is so much to do on this 21 square-mile island. We spent two days on this island, and the snorkeling is amazing!

#4- New York

Obviously, we'll have to see what 2022 brings with pandemic closures. There would be nothing worse than going to Broadway, only to find out that your show has been cancelled! But NYC is a must. No matter the season, there is so much to see and do. Spend the day walking Central Park, go on a bagel tour (it's a thing!), visit the 9/11 memorial and let's not forget the pizza!

#3- Las Vegas

We've actually done two different podcast episodes on Las Vegas. One on how to visit Vegas with kids and one on how to visit Vega without. For us, it's a two-nighter, and then time to fly back home.

Until recently you would have to wait for your favorite artist to come to town to see them. Now, you just fly to Vegas! Katy Perry has a residency, as does Adele. We just saw Bruno Mars. Plus, our favorite restaurant, Guy Savoy! You can spend the days by the pool, nursing your late-night decisions. It really has it all.

#2- Cancun

One of the biggest reasons to travel to Cancun is the beaches. Thousands travel every year just to spend time in the warm water, jet ski and play some beach volleyball. If you love history, away from the resorts are remnants of the Mayan civilization. The most famous being Chichen Itza.

Cancun's wildlife will let you explore wild iguanas, sea turtles, lemon sharks, coral reefs and more. And if resort life is more your thing (same), there are so many 4-5 star resorts to choose from.

#1- Napa

There are so many wineries/restaurants/activities to do, you can create a different trip each time you go. Plus with Napa and Sonoma side-by-side, your opportunities double. It’s all just amazing wine country!

This photo was taken at our favorite sparkling wine location- @domainecarneros

If you’re heading to Sonoma (again, right next to Napa), @gunbunwine is a must.

Fair warning, with enough wine tasting, you may buy art (listen to our Napa/Sonoma episode).

From our podcast!

Jon: The last podcast of 2021, we did it.

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: You made it started in 2021,

Jon: Right?

Jen: Well, it kind of started in 2020 as an idea.

Jon: Right, that's true, yeah.

Jen: And then it really took off in 2021

Jon: Took off in a big way.

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: And we're talking hundreds of people, hundreds of people demanding to hear this show that you're listening to right now. Welcome to it; It's Our Savings Starts Tomorrow, my name is Jon. My wife, Jen is next to me and you're drinking wine as you do during our podcast.

Jen: Well, it's the holidays.

Jon: TIS the season.

Jen: TIS the season.

Jon: Yep. From you know, the moment you wake up to the moment you pass out <laugh>.

Jen: Wow. Judgey, Judgey.

Jon: Speaking of Jen, you gotta go to our Instagram page. Because on our last episode we talked about Park City. Park city, Utah, the greatest snow on our earth, --

Jen: Greatest show on earth.

Jon: Skiing and all the fun things to do there. And there is a moment where I say this joke, not even a great joke.

Jen: No.

Jon: Like a stupid joke. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>.

Both: A dad joke.

Jon: Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and you don't get it.

Jen: I don't get it for like 10 seconds.

Jon: And it's just this uncomfortable pause until you realize what was said.

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: That Instagram video, by the way of you not getting it is up to like 10,000.

Jen: That's so embarrassing.

Jon: Many people, many people have seen.

Jen: It's so embarrassing.

Jon: You know that. So, this time though, we are gonna tell you all about where to travel in 2022.

Jen: I can't wait.

Jon: We already have a lot of trips planned for 2022.

Jen: I know.

Jen: I actually just booked our first trip of 2022.

Jon: Oh, that's true. Cuz we're coming home on the --

Both: 2nd. Yeah.

Jen: Right.

Jon: So right after we're done with this recording, we're gonna fly out this week to go to Seattle.

Jen: Yep.

Jon: Go see some family out there and then our first podcast of next year will be Seattle.

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: But then also we're planning on traveling to Cancun in January. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> for like a week, we're going to an all-inclusive. Never been to Cancun before.

Jen: And if you've listened to past episodes, <affirmative> you know how I feel about Mexico.

Jon: Yeah. But I feel like you changed after we went to Cabo, I feel like --

Jen: It's true.

Jon: -- You've opened up, you now enjoy what it has to bring. It's beautiful.

Jen: And we're going to like a safe, all inclusive.

Jon: Why did you have to say safe? Why do you have to do that? Why do you have to be like that?

Jen: I don't know.

Jon: But yes; we're going to a safe, all inclusive.

Jen: [inaudible02:22] to get taken in Cancun,

Both: Knock on wood.

Jon: So, Cancun's first and then for your birthday, we're gonna go to Scottsdale Arizona.

Jen: Oh, get some heat on these bones.

Jon: Scottsdale has become like this hip place for like west coast people to travel. Why?

Jen: Is it?

Jon: Is it not?

Jen: I don't... I still think of Scottsdale as being like a retirement old person place

Jon: No, no. Scottsdale like now the new Palm Springs.

Jen: Oh.

Jon: So, I think you're gonna be pleasantly surprised--

Jen: Alright.

Jon: When we're over there and then we're going over the summer to Arches. So, in Utah where we live and we do this podcast, there's the big five, five national parks. Arches is one of 'em we're trying to get through --

Jen: All of them.

Jon: All of the national parks before we move.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: Not that I know if we're moving from Utah but, --

Jen: We're not.

Jon: Yeah. and then also we're hoping to hit up Hawaii this year

Jen: Yeah. The kids last year we went to Hawaii, we obviously have that podcast up. But was just the two of us. And that was really fun, but the kids really wanna go back

Jon: Badly. --

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: Wanna go back and we actually we were sitting around the dinner table and we were talking about, where do you want to travel in the new year and like Hawaii was the place.

Jen: Yeah. It was up there.

Jon: There's a little bit of a disagreement on where we should go if it should be Aulani.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: Which is--

Jen: A Disney property

Jon: A Disney property

Jen: And even though we're not a Disney family, <laugh>, we're thinking about going to a Disney resort.

Jon: Maybe we should just say we're a Disney family at this point.

Jen: Nope. II won't Do it, I won't do it.

Jon: But yes, we're thinking about Aulani, which I hear is like fantastic. Five stars, like beautiful. The price makes it feel like it's five stars.

Jen: Oh, it better.

Jon: And then there's Turtle Bay.

Jen: Wow. Which would be so amazing.

Jon: Now this is in the Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: That's where he stays.

Jen: Yes. I know.

Jon: I do like that.

Jen: I think that both resorts are in the same area. I could be wrong. I think they're in the same area though.

Jon: Okay. [inaudible04:13]

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: So, it's kind of on the other side.

Jen: Yes. And like last year we did or this year, I guess still we did Maui and this would be Oahu.

Jon: Yeah. So, a different island, --

Jen: Different Island,

Jon: Different vibe.

Jen: Different vibe. We've been to Oahu a couple times, but never stayed on the North shore.

Jon: No. we drove there once just to see the big waves.

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: And that was all we've done. But this is all about 2022, first of all, on the bucket list. These are places we're going, but places we want to go, what's on your bucket list for this upcoming year or for the future.

Jen: Okay. I was gonna say this year.

Jon: Not this year we can't afford.

Jen: I don't think that I, yeah. I really wanna go to the Amalfi coast.

Jon: That's in Italy. It's like the vacation spot that all Europeans go to.

Jen: I wanna go there.

Jon: Why?

Jen: It's so beautiful and it's Italian. Okay. What have you remembered when we were watching the Stanley Tucci...?

Jon: I was gonna say, that's like, what I know about Amalfi coast is from the Stanley Tucci travel show

Jen: Taste the lemons. I wanna eat at that one restaurant. I wanna have the fresh pasta. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> I wanna make it every night the way that Stanley Tucci makes it, --

Jon: Which was a weird part.

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: Where he says every night at home, he and his wife try to remake this pasta.

Jen: Right. And they're not doing it like at all.

Jon: No.

Jen: The same way.

Jon: No terrible.

Jen: Oh my God. I just... I wanna do all the things now.

Jon: You've been a Lake Como.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: Which is like used to be the hot place. George Clooney has this place there. Like it's well known. Did that have that touristy vibe? Like, was that beautiful? Was it,

Jen: It is beautiful there. mm-hmm <affirmative> absolutely beautiful. But I wanted like, that's just a lake mm-hmm <affirmative> I wanna see the ocean.

Jon: It has liked all the houses on the cliffs and it's gorgeous from all the stuff. I think we're probably more likely to go there than the bucket list places that I want to go.

Jen: Where do you wanna go?

Jon: As you know, I like to pick all my vacations off of Adam Sandler movies, which is why Turtle Bay is on our list. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> but in the movie Blended where he goes on a safari in Africa. They go to a place called Palace of the Lost City, --

Jen: Oh, it's an actual place.

Jon: It's an actual resort --

Jen: Blended.

Jon: It's in Sun City, Africa, which I had to look up where that is ...South Africa.

Jen: Yeah. Where is that?

Jon: Just yeah.

Jen: South Africa, Okay.

Jon: And it's supposed to be one of the best resorts.

Jen: How much is it to stay there?

Jon: It Wasn't bad right now--

Jen: Really,

Jon: But I think that's because you know, ---

Jen: No one wants to go to Africa.

Jon: Right. It's a lot of the whole, COVID, omicron, lots of things happening. So, we could get a place each night for about $400.

Jen: Actually. That's not bad.

Jon: That's not bad. Considering what Turtle Bay is charging.

Jen: Yeah. How much are flights. Mm mm. We should look that up.

Jon: That's a long flight.

Jen: Oh my gosh.

Jon: And the shots you have to get just to go there. Well, you know, when I was doing research though, for this show Ghana.

Jen: Yeah. I know you said that to me. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and I'm like Ghana, like in Africa,

Jon: West Africa. Yes.

Jen: Yeah. That is nowhere ... that's not on my bucket... no offense to our listeners in Ghana.

Jon: Nah, big listening group in Ghana, by the way,

Jen: I just, that does not speak to me. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

Jon: Why there's Safari's you can stay at a nice resort. It's considered one of the hot places to travel in 2022. Is it the name Ghana?

Jen: Really?

Jon: Does it bring up like scary ideas.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: Yeah, yeah. I get that.

Jen: I actually would love to go on a safari.

Jon: Would you?

Jen: Yeah. Like a bougie one

Jon: Uhhuh. Exactly. I feel like the closest I'll ever get you to going to a safari is going to the Disney World Animal Kingdom.

Jen: Oh, well then, we've done it.

Jon: I wanna do a real one. Aw. All right. But here's our list of where to travel in 2022, I took a bunch of different lists from like trip advisor and other places. And I kind of put together our own of where we've been, where we haven't been. And that's where ...

Jen: Are we gonna talk about like what places we liked and didn't like on this list.

Jon: Yeah.

Jen: Okay, cool.

Jon: Yeah. Yeah. All right. The first and foremost though, like the place that everyone's been going, if you're following anyone on Instagram, it's Iceland. It's like the new hot spot to travel,

Jen: But it's cold. It's so hot. It's cold.

Jon: Stupid. <laugh> yeah. It's cold, but it's Iceland and everyone wants to go there because of Zach Ephron. Yeah. Remember he stayed at the Blue Lagoon. He was a geothermal,

Jen: It looks beautiful. And I have so many friends and people that I know on social media that have gone there and their pictures are incredible. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> I don't know. I feel like we live in a place that's like in Iceland,

Jon: We live in Utah. There's mountains and snow.

Jen: It's freezing and cold. And so, I don't really wanna go there.

Jon: You don't ever wanna travel somewhere cold because we live somewhere where it's cold three months of the year.

Jen: But yes, I would like to...I wanna go in that geothermal.

Jon: Yeah. I wanna go The Blue Lagoon. That's what I wanna do,

Jen: But like what is there to do there? Other than that

Jon: It's much like Utah. There's a bunch of outdoor stuff. Like hiking, whitewater rafting.

Jen: Yeah. All those things. Speak to me. <Laugh>

Jon: No.

Jen: And also, what do you eat there? I don't feel like there's good cuisine.

Jon: Icelandic food. Like a lot of--

Jen: Salted fish.

Jon: Yeah. A lot of herring. <Laugh> I would assume.

Jen: I mean,

Jon: You like fish,

Jen: I'll go. Don't get me wrong. I wanna go because it's a hot thing to do and --

Jon: That's how we are.

Both: We're Followers.

Jon: mm-hmm <affirmative> Napa Valley is on the list

Jen: Been there. Love it. I would love to go back. Let's do that.

Jon: I feel like Napa Valley is one of those places you can always just go back to.

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: It's a wine country

Jen: And there's so many wineries. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> like we could go back this year. I'm just saying like for five minutes mm-hmm <affirmative> we could go back there this year and have a totally different experience than the times that we've been there before. Because there's so many different places to stay and so many different wineries

Jon: Now we've actually done a whole podcast on Napa Valley. So, you can go listen to that one. If you want, would you go to Napa? Would you go to Sonoma? Ooh, both are expensive. It used to be Sonoma was the cheap place, but that's not true anymore.

Jen: Actually, I feel like I would like to stay in Napa.

Jon: Okay. Just for something different.

Jen: Yeah. Cause last time we stayed in Sonoma.

Jon: They're next to each other. It's like the east side versus the west side.

Jen: Oh. Do you think that they have, like, I like to full on like Napa Sonoma?

Jon: <Laugh> yes.

Jen: Right. I'm gonna have it.

Jon: <Laugh> I'm gonna get that video up on our YouTube of the signs you were just throwing <laugh>. Santa Fe is also on the list. Santa Fe, New Mexico. I've been there. [inaudible10:37] Santa Fe, to me, I'm fine with it. I don't know if I'd ever want to go there on a vacation, but they have like the Santa Fe market. That's really cool. Obviously, they have the balloon festival that happens in October, which I hear is like really cool. It's a big one for them. I don't know. Just out of all the places to travel. I don't know if Santa Fe is on my list.

Jen: Yeah. It's not really for me. Don't get me wrong. It's very pretty there. But

Jon: What about Malta?

Jen: Is that like in the Mediterranean?

Jon: It is. It's on the Mediterranean Sea.

Jen: Okay.

Jon: Yeah. It's they speak Italian there. It's I don't know it's in Europe.

Jen: I mean, it sounds nice.

Jon: Okay.

Jen: I'd go there.

Jon: Not really many thoughts on Malta though.

Jen: No.

Jon: New York City. We did a whole podcast on it.

Jen: Yeah, I do love New York.

Jon: I mean, Broadway's opened or closed depending on the day right now.

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: I just don't know if I'd go to New York right now with all that is happening. Cuz, you don't know

Jen: What's gonna be open. What's not gonna be open.

Jon: Yeah, but it's worth going. And I do think it's one of those places that you can have a different experience if you're in New York in the winter time compared to the spring or summer or even fall.

Jen: Yeah. I know the kids really wanna go to New York.

Jon: I do want to go walk around central park again. And get so much eat all that pizza so much. Good pizza. Yeah. Scotland made the list of places to travel in 2022.

Jen: No, you've been to Scotland.

Jon: I have, yeah. I would go back.

Jen: You were very cold when you went, but it also was wintertime.

Jon: It's also always cold in anywhere in --

Jen: Oh, is it?

Jon: -- United Kingdom? I feel like it's always gloomy no matter when you go. Well, this is embarrassing, this shows you public education. When I went to Scotland, I didn't realize that we were on the same island as England.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: I mean, I know it. I hear myself what I'm saying to you. But I'm saying when I, I was like, oh you could drive there.

Jen: Oh my gosh.

Jon: I know it's embarrassing. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> but I feel like I can admit that to you. Yeah. Ireland on the other hand is another island.

Jen: Yes.

Jon: You have to do a little puddle jumper over.

Jen: I would go.

Jon: What?

Jen: I'd go to Ireland before Scotland. I feel like.

Jon: Why?

Jon: I don't know. Just like a feeling, a gut feeling you have.

Jen: Well, I feel like I have some Irish descent Uhhuh, so that would be kind of cool. I wanna kiss the Barney stone --

Jon: Who doesn't?

Jen: I'd like to go to a Guinness factory mm-hmm <affirmative> factory. Distillery.

Jon: The headquarters for Guinness. Yeah.

Jen: I don't know. I know there's other things.

Jon: Do you remember when we went to the we went to the Heineken factory or the headquarters when we were in Amsterdam.

Jen: Yep.

Jon: And that was really cool.

Jen: It was cool. They let us sample all of the beer mm-hmm <affirmative> then I became a Heineken drinker for a second.

Jen: Yep. Yeah. Again, we're followers. <Laugh>

Jon: And we were like mid-twenties. And so, everyone else was bringing like Coors light or Baps mm-hmm <affirmative> and I'd show up with like Heineken.

Jen: Yeah, you were being all like.

Jon: I know, I know,

Jen: I'm fancy I've been there. I've had it at the exact sure that it should be served at

Jon: <Laugh> it's so embarrassing. Las Vegas was also on the list of where to travel in 22. I Don't know.

Jen: I mean, I guess if you've never been there, you should go. Let's be honest. Hmm. We'll probably go there at some point this year.

Jon: We'll probably go in the summertime because we like the pools there. We like the food. Nice restaurants in Vegas. We did a whole podcast episode on it.

Jen: It's an easy place for us to go.

Jon: It's just the last few times we've gone I feel like it's so expensive. Like it's New York prices.

Jen: It is so expensive.

Jon: But you don't get Central Park. You get one, you know, strip, one place where you can walk up and down and it feels like dirty sometimes. Like there's beggars everywhere. --

Jen: I know.

Jon: --It's just all that kind of stuff. Like, yeah. I don't, I don't know if I really felt safe last time we were in Vegas when we were walking.

Jen: I know that the kids would like to go cuz they wanna go to the pool or whatever. But...

Jon: I don't feel like it's a family place anymore.

Jen: It's not.

Jon: It's changed.

Jen: Remember when it was a family place.

Jon: I remember when every resort, like that's what it was. And then one year they decided to change the whole campaign to 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and it changed everything.

Jen: I mean, do you remember like the Coca-Cola factory? The M and M factory. Like all of those places. I don't really think that they're around anymore.

Jon: No. Now they're just like shops where you can buy Coca-Cola shirts or like a Reese's shirt.

Jen: But I thought it was so cool at the Coca-Cola factory you could try different Coca-Colas from around the world.

Jon: Yes. Just like you could try Heineken beer at the Heineken factory, which I've been to. I don't know if you know that or not what? Yeah. Bermuda is also on the list of places to travel Bermuda. We have been to Bermuda. We were there for two days on a cruise, another podcast we've ... But Bermuda is cool, It's in the middle of nowhere. So, it's not like you can really island jump how you could maybe[inaudible15:20]

Jen: No, when you're there, you're there.

Jon: Yeah.

Jen: It's small.

Jon: It's very small. Small. You can walk around it or ride your bike around it. At least

Jen: I don't know about that, but it is pretty small.

Jon: There's ...

Jen: I don't think that what he said is accurate but it's small.

Jon: Pretty sure it's like one mile diameter.

Jen: Nope.

Jon: <Laugh> there's that one beach that we went to though, that everyone like it's the pink sand.

Jen: It's the pink sand beach. Yeah. So that was like the hot place to go. And what was cool was they'll like they'll bring you a bucket of beer out to the beach

Jen: And you know what, that's all I really want in life. That's my 2022 goal

Jon: Just buckets of beer on the beach. But I guess for me the travels so far to get to Bermuda by plane or by boat mm-hmm <affirmative> there's closer islands where you get the same vibe. The same feeling

Jen: I mean, because we were just on a cruise, you just get a taste.

Jon: But we were there for two days. It wasn't like a normal cruise.

Jen: One of the days it rained. And so, it just, wasn't fun. We ended up not going to the beach or anything. We kind of explored around the port area.

Jon: And they had the Bermuda triangle, which I was supposed to go and snorkel.

Jen: I know, but I was so ill.

Jon: I didn't get to see the one, the whole reason we went on this cruise was so I can snorkel the Bermuda triangle mm-hmm <affirmative> but then the hurricane hit,

Jen: You got sick? Yes. Sorry.

Jon: Geneva.

Jen: Have you ever been to Switzerland?

Jon: Yeah.

Jen: Oh.

Jon: Have you been there?

Jen: Yeah.

Jon: When?

Jen: When I lived in Switzerland.

Jon: Oh, that's right <Laugh> I forgot.

Jen: You know, when I lived there for nine years.

Jon: Oh yeah. You from there?

Jen: No. Nine months felt like nine. No, it was nine months. Geneva.

Jon: Is that the capital?

Jen: Yes.

Jon: Would you go there? Would you recommend It?

Jen: Yeah. Switzerland is beautiful.

Jon: I visited you in Switzerland when you were living there and we went, it was Christmas time. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and it was, it is beautiful. You can see like the Matterhorn in the background. And I feel like there's a lot of cheese, like everywhere we went--

Jen: I love fondue.

Jon: Oh its, oh yeah. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> this is birthplace of fondue. Like everywhere you go and then you had some friends and I dropped like a piece of bread in the fondue. And then they said I had to buy the whole dip and they meant it.

Jen: Yep.

Jon: They weren't messing around.

Jen: Nope.

Jon: Like that's something that --

Jen: Yes.

Jon: Yeah. And I had to pay for everyone's meal because I dropped a piece of bread in in the fondue.

Jen: Well, teach you.

Jon: Why didn't you warn me ahead of time?

Jen: I thought that you, I don't know.

Jon: Knew how to eat food. <Laugh> you don't know me very well <laugh> and again we already talked about Ghana, but Ghana was the last place to travel in 2022

Jen: I'm not feeling Ghana, but mm-hmm <affirmative> I wanna hear about people that do go there.

Jon: Okay. So, message us if you've been to Ghana. We'd love to hear from you also, if you have ever thought about opening or writing a song for a podcast, we're still looking for a new opening song.

Jen: Eddie Money.

Jon: Eddie Money. If you know him, call him.

Jen: Oh yeah.

Jon: Tell him about it. I thought I'd reach some reviews we've had a bunch of five-star reviews again. Thank you to everyone.

Jen: Thank you guys so much.

Jon: "I listened to the pod episode, Disney Cruise, the Dream part one, one of my friend's recommendations. Totally loved it. I'm eagerly waiting the second part. Guess what? Second part's up now?

Jen: Yes.

Jon: You have so much fun together. What an ideal couple five stars. The show is worth listening If you love to travel. The stories not only provide information, but they're fun. Jen and John are great I like the podcast. Recommended. "

Jen: Oh, thanks. Keep 'em coming.

Jon: Yes, please do subscribe. Give five stars. Go back and listen to some other episodes. If you like this one.

Jen: We have so many episodes.

Jon: I mean this one's kind of like a little --

Jen: A mashup.

Jon: Yeah. A little aperitif, if you will.

Jen: A cruise,

Jon: Yes, a cruise. But we'll have a new one. Obviously, Seattle will be our first episode come 2022 and make sure you follow us on Instagram. Our Instagram handle is Our Savings Starts Tomorrow. Bye bye.

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