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The Hosts

Jon and Jenn have been traveling since the two were High School sweethearts twenty years ago. From being caught in a riot in Paris to a private catamaran in Costa Rica, they've experienced a lot! Now the two, along with their two children, share their travel adventures with you!


Jon Watkins

Jon started out by hosting story time at Disneyland. From there, he became a morning producer at KZLA in Los Angeles. This is where Jon became a red-carpet reporter for radio. He claims to have held a longer eye gaze with Jon Voight than any other Hollywood reporter. To this date, no one has disputed this claim. After KZLA, Jon began a morning radio career in Kansas where he won a CMA for Entertainer of the Year. After his success in Kansas, Jon moved to Salt Lake City for a decade-long run as host on KEGA-FM. During this time, he also hosted for Park City Television, BYU TV's Chasing Skeletons and EnLine Entertainment. He also hosted television for the Sundance Film Festival and Country Fan Fest Music Festival. Jon's current show on KUDD-FM recently won Best Morning Show in Salt Lake.

Jenn Watkins

Former Miss Teen Los Angeles County, this is Jenn's first podcast! When she's not rolling her eyes at her husband, Jenn is a transaction manager for a diligence company.

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